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BSD software has powered the Internet from day one and is maintained by a global community. "BSD" began as the Berkely Software Distribution at U.C. Berkeley and now represents a family of software licenses, software projects, and complete operating systems.

BSD Fund has fueled BSD development since 2008 and invites you to support this critical work and the community that performs it.

BSD Fund Initiatives and Partners


Traditionally every March

AsiaBSDCon reaches audiences not served by the larger BSDCan and EuroBSDcon conferences and can always use your help. Please write to learn more about sponsorship opportunities!


Traditionally every May

BSDCan is the largest annual BSD conference and welcomes presenters and attendees from around the world. Please consider a PayPal donation and review the 2024 BSDCan Prospectus, and write with any questions!

$50 Raised
1 Sponsors
.001% Funded
6 Months to Go

Let's make the 20th Anniversary BSDCan the best yet!


Traditionally every September

EuroBSDcon changes city every year and welcomes presenters and attendees from around the world. Please review the EuroBSDcon Sponsorship Prospectus to learn more about sponsorship opportunities!

OpenZFS Developer Summit

October 2024

The OpenZFS Developer Summit showcases the best file system and volume manager available at any price. Please write to learn more about sponsorship opportunities!

Glen Barber, FreeBSD Release Engineer

Let's Guarantee Glen's Neutrality

Glen has long served as the FreeBSD Release Engineer and aims to work independently to guarantee his neutrality and objectivity. You can support Glen's work in service of the FreeBSD operating system via GoFundMe and PayPal.

Call For Testing

Over a decade of BSD support and leadership

Michael Dexter of Call For Testing and BSD Fund has hosted and posted over 80 hours of bhyve, Jail, Zones, and OpenZFS Production User meetings, is a frequent conference speaker, hosts bhyvecon, and has organized the Portland Linux/Unix Group since 2009. Michael's leadership role provides tangible community benefits through code review and upstreaming, not to mention the inspiration of new and returning community members. Please consider supporting his work today!

“I am always happy to see another source of funding for BSD.” – Kirk McKusick

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