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2019 Call For Testing Projects

The Call For Testing team is seeking funding for these important projects:

  • bhyve Developpment
  • bhyvecon
  • FreeBSD History Rebuild
  • OpenZFS Testing on All Platforms
  • openrsync Capsicumization

Past Project: Portable C Compiler 1.0 Fund

BSD Fund is pleased to announce that it has partnered with software engineer and researcher Anders Magnusson to bring the Portable C Compiler "pcc" to 1.0 release status. Originally written by Stephen C. Johnson of Bell Labs in the 1970's, pcc is today valued by developers for its speed, simplicity, BSD license and of course, portability.
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Past Event: NYCBSDCon 2010 Fiscal Sponsorship

NYCBSDCon 2010

BSD Fund is the fiscal sponsor to NYCBSDCon 2010 and is accepting sponsorships, donations and attendee fees on behalf of NYCBUG, the event's organizers.
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