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bhyve VirtFS/9p Completion

This project in partnership with Conclusive Engineering will complete the bhyve VirtFS/9p work with a roadmap for feature competitiveness with QEMU/KVM and Windows WSL2.

You can follow this work on GitHub.

Phase One

  • Rebase the open bhyve VirtFS/9p review with HEAD
  • Complete lib9p Capsicum support
  • Address open review comments and imput
  • Verify support on all FreeBSD architectures ("make tinderbox")
  • Commit to HEAD and MFC as appropriate

Phase One is the foundation for feature competitive VirtFS/9p support in FreeBSD and illumos with the end goals of reaching feature parity with QEMU/KVM and Windows WSL2, and the ability to run FreeBSD as a WSL2 guest. Fully funded, this work should be complete by January 1st, 2020.

Phase One Budget: $3,500 USD

Goal met!

Phase Two

Rework directory file descriptor handling to address directory renaming bug

Add extended attribute support

  • Develop lib9p extattr test cases
  • Implement PDU marshalling and unmarshalling
  • Implement these for the "fs" backend
  • Verify correctness using UFS and ZFS as storage backends
  • Verify support on all FreeBSD architectures ("make tinderbox")
  • Commit to FreeBSD HEAD and MFC as appropriate

Phase Two represents new development work to correctly implement extended attribute support and additional known issues.

Phase Two Budget: $9,500 USD

Phase Three

  • Comprehensive Test Suite Coverage
  • illumos 9p server integration
  • FreeBSD 9p client improvements as needed

Phase Three will build upon the core functionality of Phases One and Two, and its steps only be finalized with their completion. This phase aims to broaden the developer base to address operating system-specific issues and sub-projects that arise.

Phase Three Budget: To Be Determined

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2019 Call For Testing Projects

The Call For Testing team is seeking funding for these important projects:

  • bhyve Developpment
  • bhyvecon
  • FreeBSD History Rebuild
  • OpenZFS Testing on All Platforms

Past Project: Portable C Compiler 1.0 Fund

BSD Fund is pleased to announce that it has partnered with software engineer and researcher Anders Magnusson to bring the Portable C Compiler "pcc" to 1.0 release status. Originally written by Stephen C. Johnson of Bell Labs in the 1970's, pcc is today valued by developers for its speed, simplicity, BSD license and of course, portability.
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Past Event: NYCBSDCon 2010 Fiscal Sponsorship

NYCBSDCon 2010

BSD Fund is the fiscal sponsor to NYCBSDCon 2010 and is accepting sponsorships, donations and attendee fees on behalf of NYCBUG, the event's organizers.
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