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BSD Fund Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is BSD Fund a registered charity, NGO or 501(c)(3) organization?
A: No. BSD Fund was program of Linux Fund, a US-based 501(c)(3) organization from 2007 to 2012, but is currently simply a trademark of Gainframe LLC, a US-based business.

Q: Is my sponsorship tax-deductible?
A: Most businesses write off their sponsorships as marketing or engineering expenses. US residents are not eligible for individual tax deductions as they would with a 501(c)(3) organization, but:

  1. Discuss all tax issues with your tax specialist and tax authorities
  2. The majority of past BSD Fund individual donors were not US-residents
  3. In practice, a business can engage in community work at near-zero additional overhead, unlike many charities that struggle to achieve a 70/30 or better ratio of programs to overhead. Businesses that host community events are a perfect example of this.
Q: How can I guarantee that my sponsorship is used in the community's best interests?
A: Specifically, you are relying on the 15+ year track record of community contributions of Michael Dexter. Broadly, community members are far more observant, informed, and vocal within their communities than the majority of tax enforcement officials.

Q: What do you suggest I do if I'm not comfortable with this arrangement?
A: Run, don't walk to one of the many great charities in the community. It doesn't matter where you're giving, as long as you're giving!
Q: What is the status of the BSD Fund Visa Credit Card?
A: Linux Fund no longer maintains affinity card programs and those programs included the BSD Fund Visa. All BSD Fund Visa Cards reverted to US Bank Visa Cards.

Q: Have you considered restarting the BSD Fund Visa Card program?
A: In all practicality, it is far more efficient and effective to simply directly fund your favorite efforts. Because some card providers offer custom card designs, I would be happy to provide the card artwork.

Q: Have you considered becoming a formal nonprofit organization?
A: I have made multiple offers to Linux Fund to re-reboot the organization.

Q: Can you help me develop a plan to support a project outside of BSD Fund?
A: Absolutely.

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