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BSD Fund is a reputation-based sponsorship program operated by Michael Dexter through Gainframe LLC of Oregon. BSD Fund is not a US 501(c)(3) or non-US public-benefit non-governmental organization and the potential tax-deductibility of Sponsorships are discussed in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Sponsor with PayPal

PayPal Sponsorships between $20 and $1000 have the lowest fees.

Project to Sponsor

Amount: $

Sponsor by SquareUp, Check or other means

Please contact Michael Dexter for information about sponsoring via SquareUp one-time or reoccurring payments with custom invoices, Check, or other payment types.

Invite a Sponsor

If you are already contributing code or have a limited budget, a referral to a sympathetic employer or philanthropist can be priceless. Such potential donors can contact Michael Dexter for more information about this and other BSD Fund efforts.

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